欢迎来到Camp Hill男孩六年级

The 六年级 has seen the most change of any part of Camp Hill in the last few years, with the huge ‘raise the roof’ extension project seeing a doubling of our communal space. 但是,虽然环境发生了变化, 社区当然没有, with the 原理图ool fostering the same welcoming attitude to returners and joiners alike. 关于 100 学生 stay on from Year 11 each year and around 50 join us from elsewhere. 在六年级的班级和小组, all are encouraged to contribute and make the most of their experience from day one. 当员工们竭尽全力去整合连接件时, the 学生 themselves need little prompting to make an effort to include everyone, 无论是在教室里还是教室外. Little needs to be said about the 原理图ool’s exemplary academic record; but this does not define what Camp Hill is to the 学生. 而学习是支持在任何时候, everyone recognises that what defines a young person is more than their grades. Camp Hill thrives because of the wide range of extracurricular and super curricular activities open to 学生. Aspiring academics are supported through Olympiads and university lecturers, while those who perform at a high level in sport have a chance to compete across the region. We aim to provide more than a place to learn for 学生 – Camp Hill is a place where young people can grow into intelligent, 圆形的个人, who just so happen to also get some of the best grades nationwide.



Time spent at secondary 原理图ool is a crucial period in the life of any young person. 在这段时间, 在其他的事情, journeys of self discovery are undertaken by many as we discover, 不夸张的, 正规外围买球app是谁. 像这样, 中学本身的作用是至关重要的, facilitating progress both academically and personally from 11 to 18 years old. I believe that Camp Hill Boys is more than qualified to play a part in this journey and is capable of nurturing tomorrow’s scientists, 艺术家和介于两者之间的一切!
Camp Hill在学术上的卓越是不言而喻的, but what is not common knowledge is the atmosphere that enables bright young minds to achieve such outstanding results. Camp Hill确实是一个独特的学习环境. For example, older 学生 are able to take on the position of a mentor to younger
学生, 1比1, tailor-made academic support to anyone who chooses to access this in a wide range of subjects. There is a mutual trust between 学生 in different years and an air of comradeship within the classroom that benefits all. If someone was to ask me for a definition of the word brotherhood, 我将, 毫不犹豫地, 带他们去营地山.
我将 be missing a trick if you finished reading this believing that Camp Hill 学生 furthest venture is to and from the bus stop each day! Numerous 原理图ool trips are offered throughout years 7-13, including the annual outdoor pursuits trip to the stunning Aosta Valley in north Italy, the Battlefields trip to France and Belgium offered to year 10 学生 studying GCSE 历史 and an exchange programme to Germany, as a result of Camp Hill’s strong relationship with the Schule-am-Reid in Frankfurt. This small snapshot of the overseas experiences afforded to Camp Hill 学生 hopefully gives you a flavour of the extracurricular adventures that enrich the memories of boys year upon year.
坎普·希尔对于体育实力也并不陌生. 风雨无阻(但最常下雨!), 冰球, Rugby and Football teams all keep the groundsmen busy up until Easter and during the summer they pass the baton on to the Athletics and Cricket teams to provide entertainment for potential spectators. Camp Hill的体育运动在不断发展, exemplified by the recent addition of a water polo team that has enjoyed regular success since its inception. 体育运动 at Camp Hill is supported and encouraged by a number of inclusive PE and Games staff all helping to ensure 学生 are making the most of their time here.
One aspect of Camp Hill that I feel perhaps doesn’t get quite the attention it deserves is its contribution to the arts. Drama and music are key figures in making Camp Hill what it is. 每年有两出戏剧上演, 一个高年级,一个低年级, with 学生 in year 12 or 13 having key roles in directing the junior
表演. Recent titles of productions include “Lord of the Flies”, “Smike” and “The 历史 Boys” - all of which were enjoyed by staff, 学生和公众都一样! 在Camp Hill这里,音乐尤为强烈, with many bands and ensembles that emphasise Camp Hill’s inclusive and creative qualities. 圣诞音乐会是每年的亮点, with “Santa Claus” usually making an appearance and showering the audience with all manner of edible treats! I alluded earlier to the dual responsibilities of a secondary 原理图ool: the personal and the academic. Expanding on this, I believe that the task of a secondary
原理图ool is to help 学生 achieve their desired academic results and to ensure that when you leave, 你已经完全准备好应对成人世界了. 在这个意义上, I believe Camp Hill has most definitely succeeded and, Cliché尽管可能是这样, Camp Hill绝对是一个可以称之为家的地方. 也许同样重要的是, 这是一个三十岁的地方, 四十, 五十年的时间, 你回顾你在中学的时光, it will be with fond memories of a place that helped you grow into the man you became.