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Religious Studies

The unexamined life is not worth living – Socrates

The study of Religious Studies at Camp Hill Boys is designed to encourage students to live the examined life. Students study a wide range of religious, scientific, and non-religious perspectives on some of life’s most fundamental questions. In RS classrooms, students will develop the questioning habit, as they explore such topics as the meaning of life, the nature of the soul and the origin of the world.

At Camp Hill Boys, we believe students should study a knowledge-rich curriculum which equips them for life. It is our aim that our departing students will be able to make sense of religions and world-views around them and begin to understand the complex world in which they live. Religious Studies is primarily about enabling students to become free thinking, critical participants of public discourse, who can make academically informed judgements about important matters of religion and belief which shape the global landscape. Students will build the skills which will allow them to disagree with respect, through verbal and written discourse.

Religious Studies is important because, like every other subject, it provides a particular set of materials through which pupils come to understand important things about the world and themselves. It challenges pupils to reflect on, consider, analyse, interpret and evaluate issues of truth, belief, faith and ethics and to communicate their responses.

Religious Studies encourages pupils to develop their sense of identity and belonging, as well as their skills in critical thinking and analysis. It enables them to flourish individually within their communities and as citizens in a pluralistic society and global community, ensuring that they have the tools they will need in order to participate in society as thinking individuals.

How will I study?

Camp Hill Boys approach Religious Studies with enthusiasm and an enquiring mind. They are encouraged to develop evaluative and analytical skills, empathy, reflection and spiritual awareness.

During their studies of different themes and faiths, they learn the importance of respect and acceptance of those who adhere to different faiths or none. The department is known by the students for encouraging deep thinking and critical analysis. They see RS as a chance to think outside of the box, develop their own views and respectfully challenge and be challenged by others.

Religious Studies is a statutory requirement of your son’s education. At Camp Hill we aim to make that educational experience relevant and engaging through thematic study of topics. RS develops a range of skills and gives the boys the ability to give detailed explanations as well as critically analyse and evaluate different ideas. Lessons use a wide range of activities and encourage independent learning skills. The department is committed to the use of ICT and makes active use of interactive whiteboards and the Google Suite.

Where can RS take me?

Boys who choose to study RS have a wide range of opportunities available to them. RS can give breadth to students who are pursuing medicine or science based subjects. RS naturally complements other essay based subjects developing critical thinking skills. Students who study RS can go into Law, social work, teaching, research, journalism as well as further study.

All students will study RS until Year 9. Most students choose to study GCSE RS, and many continue to A Level too.

Key Stage 3

From Years 7-9, students follow a knowledge-rich curriculum, with depth study of the 6 major world religions, as well as non-religious beliefs including those of Humanism.

  • In Year 7 we consider questions around how religions describe God, the role of leaders in religion, and compare rituals and rites of passage between different communities. There is a focus on Christianity and Hinduism.
  • In Year 8, students will ask questions about what makes a religion, the foundations of Muslim identity, and Ethics from the ancients to the modern day. The emphasis in this year is on Buddhism and Islam.
  • In Year 9, we give students more of a taste of GCSE study, with Philosophy of Religion alongside depth studies of religion. Here, the focus is on Judaism and Sikhism.

Key Stage 4

GCSE Religious Studies is optional, but very popular, at Camp Hill Boys. We follow the AQA 'A' specification, studying Christianity and Hinduism as our chosen religions, and four units of thematic studies on topics ranging from Relationships to War and Peace. More detail can be found here:

Key Stage 5 (A level)

Our A Level offer reflects the strengths and the interests of our students, with a large proportion of their study being focused on Philosophy or Religion and Ethics. They also study Buddhism in depth, and in dialogue with the approaches of philosophers and ethicists. This course is good preparation for the study of the humanities at university, but also contains real world elements regarding ethical issues and the nature and value of human life which students find helpful in applications to study the more vocational subjects. For more information: